The name Brazilian Power Team was born in Portugal in January 2005. The team was founded by professors Marcello Rosa, Arnaldo Alves, and Marcelo Bernardo. With years of practice and a lot of experience in martial arts, these three names already trained together but competed separately as perfect rivals in the competitions.

Due to a strong bond of friendship for some years, they decided to join forces and knowledge to create a team that would be stronger, more competitive, and with higher technical quality. This is how the Brazilian Power Team was born, one of the strongest Jiu-Jitsu teams in Europe.

Based on union, respect, and humility, Brazilian Power Team has formed and is forming champions, accumulating important titles such as National, European, Opens, Pan American, and World Championships.

With strong work, dedication, and love for the Gentle Art, the Brazilian Power Team projects for the near future to be among the 10 best Jiu-Jitsu teams in the world, counting on the help of all teachers, students, friends, and collaborators, because without them none of this would be possible.

Founding Members

Prof. Marcello Rosa

One of the founders of the team, Prof. Marcelo Rosa, is a 5th Degree black belt with over 30 years experience in martial arts. Currently with academies in Setubal-Portugal

Prof. Arnaldo Alves

One of the founders of the team, Prof. Arnaldo Alves, is a 3rd Degree black belt with over 20 years experience in martial arts. He currently teaches at BPT Moscavide and Academia de Santos.

Prof. Marcelo Bernardo

One of the founders of the team, Prof. Marcelo Bernardo, is a 2nd Degree black belt with over 10 years of martial arts experience. He currently teaches in Qatar.



The Brazilian Power Team (BPT) training program consists of a set of coordinated techniques organized in such a way as to make the student’s learning process easier.

The methodology used in all our training centers, which are accredited by the BPT, allows the student to learn at a pace of his own choosing without being pressured or feeling behind the others.

The defined period during which the student learns the techniques using varied and different pedagogical methods of instruction, in this way we conduct the group classes with great safety and respect.

The specific exercises and training practices are designed to convert the knowledge presented into practical skills and are taught by the teacher to ensure that the student is able to apply their knowledge and techniques in real-life circumstances.

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) graduation system is used by all those who make up the Brazilian Power Team in Portugal, Spain, France, England, Romania, Benguela, Angola, Brazil, and Germany.


Specialized teachers are prepared to teach this “Gentle Art” in an educational way.
Bring your child to make an experimental class in one of our units.